Zuki Lamani-Image Source@TwitterZuki Lamani-Image Source@Twitter

Zuki Lamani’s Plea for Tuition Fees – Controversial Party Videos Go Viral

University of Cape Town student Zuki Lamani is making headlines after a plea was made on her behalf by controversial blogger Musa Khawula. Zuki is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town. However, she requires financial assistance to cover her UCT bill, which amounts to R240,000, in order to continue her studies.

Party Videos Flood Social Media

In the aftermath of her plea, Zuki Lamani’s party videos have gone viral on social media platforms. A GoFundMe channel has been created to help her with her tuition fees, and she has been receiving donations from well-wishers.

Zuki Lamani-Image Source@Twitter
Zuki Lamani-Image Source@Twitter

Zuki Lamani’s partying videos have attracted significant attention online.

Financial Struggles and Rejection from National Student Financial Aid Scheme

Zuki Lamani has reportedly exhausted all available avenues for financial support, including the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. Unfortunately, her application was rejected due to her household income exceeding the cap set by the scheme. This rejection has further intensified her need for financial assistance.

Controversy Surrounding Zuki Lamani’s Plea

Zuki Lamani’s plea for financial assistance has generated both sympathy and criticism. Many South Africans have expressed their thoughts on her viral videos showcasing her lavish lifestyle and extravagant parties. In one particular video, she was seen enjoying the exclusive Durban July event, accompanied by South African celebrities.


Zuki Lamani attracted attention for attending the exclusive Durban July event.

Some social media users questioned how Zuki could afford to attend such high-profile events while struggling to pay her tuition fees. They suggested that she should seek help from her wealthy friends who accompany her to these gatherings.

Public Reactions to the Viral Videos

Following the circulation of Zuki Lamani’s videos on social media, various reactions emerged:

  • @chumz_mavuso commented: “And now we must pay her fees, it must be nice. Maybe the trip to Durban July was also sponsored.”
  • @khokhas_ posted: “Yeah, yeah, it’s sponsored, we know, but where are those people when she needs them the most?”
  • @Lelo_lithra posted: “Does she really need the money? I mean, considering the fact that she has rich friends and attends such exclusive events. But what do I know.”
  • @MuzieSndlovu commented: “Chief Grooviest is asking for donations… Why doesn’t she ask her blessers?”

As Zuki Lamani’s plea for financial support continues to stir controversy, the discussion surrounding her situation highlights the complexities of social media influence and financial struggles faced by students.

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