Zola Nombona Joins Generations – Win After Win!

Zola is one of Mzansi’s gifted entertainers whose on-screen presence has been met with a handful of acknowledgment all throughout the Mzansi. She likewise fiddles with the music business and that has contributed towards developing her fan base.

Zola found her first significantly acting position as an entertainer for the show Intersexions. Her ability on-screen is unrivaled and fans revere her for this.

In 2018, she also got a role on the show iNumber Number which was crafted by Sdumo Mtshali. The series is said to expand on the first film’s tense high stake storyline and action-packed script, guaranteeing that its viewers are kept as eager and anxious as can be in each scene.

Very much like the film, the heartbeat of iNumber Number relates the connection between Chili and Shoes, whose brotherly bond goes under a dangerous threat. Any semblance of Sonia Sedibe and Thishiwe Ziqubu is easily visible when both the shows are compared.

And as the old age adage goes, hard work is almost always equally rewarded.

Shortly after also being cast on the hit show Isono – the actress is now also officially part of the cast of Generations! Although Generations has been having hits and misses in its viewer ratings – this new addition might drawback all of its fans.

The announcement was retweeted by Entertainment Commentator Phil Mphela. Check out his retweet below,

We couldn’t be happier for the star and we wish her the best of success!


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