Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)

Zodwa Wabantu Claps Back At Trolls After Her Viral Video

Zodwa Wabantu Responds to Rumours About Her Financial Struggles after a previous video went viral and people said she is now broke and accepting any week.

Zodwa Wabantu, a famous dancer, has responded to rumours that she is facing financial difficulties. Reports suggested that she was going through a tough time and had hit rock bottom.

Although Zodwa admitted that she is not receiving as many bookings as before, she denied that she is struggling financially. Instead, she explained that she is focusing her time and money on her calling and turning down events that do not interest her. Zodwa said that the cost of living had increased, and the economic climate had affected everyone.

Zodwa Wabantu shutdown trolls after viral video

Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)
Zodwa Wabantu-Image Source(Instagram)

A picture of Zodwa performing at a questionable drinking establishment had gone viral, causing people to criticise her. However, Zodwa said that she is not bothered by the criticism and loves those who criticise her because they make her a trend. She added that she has danced in dodgier places before and that those are her real fans who understand and support her.

Talking to Zimoja, Zodwa WaBantu said:

“Hay, that’s nothing, skhokho; I’ve danced at dodgier places before. Those are my real fans. That is where I make my money. These people understand and support me. I have been dunusing for a long time. I was in Nelspruit, emagashagashen.i It’s a good picture; it makes me trend. It’s who I am. My pu%&y makes me trend,”

Zodwa concluded the interview by stating that she does not live for approval from social media or anyone else but from God and her ancestors.

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