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In the wake of his accurate prediction of AKA’s demise last year, the Zimbabwean prophet, Obey Mukanhairi, sheds light on Skomota’s rise to fame, currently making waves in Mzansi.

The Rising Star – Skomota

Taking the social media scene by storm, Skomota emerged earlier this year, grabbing attention after securing a remarkable R3 million victory. His life transformed overnight, now living among the affluent.

Skomota is often seen at clubs, accompanied by his bodyguard. On his arrival, the atmosphere changes as expensive bottles appear, and all eyes focus on him. Whether dancing or mingling with the hottest girls in the club, Skomota has become a symbol of opulence and charisma.

Rumours have it that he now charges R70 000 for his appearances and gigs he DJs for. He also recently appeared on a podcast with a bunch of cash raising eyebrows. He has even earned a dance in his honour due to his hilarious moves on the dance flow.

His hilarious moves were recently introduced to a prestigious stage after Makhadzi performed with him at the SAMAs. She even attempted to do the Skomota dance during her performance, earning fans’ respect.

Prophet Mukanhairi’s Perspective on Skomota’s rise to fame

The renowned Zimbabwean prophet, Obey Mukanhairi, also known as Mellontik Orasi, gained recognition for accurately predicting AKA’s death. Now, he turns his attention to Skomota, offering words of wisdom and encouragement on his Facebook page.

“Be patient when it’s your time. God will uplift. Look at Skomota in S.A. doing very well because of a ripe season.”

His followers resonated with his message:

  • Enoch: “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen. Isaiah 60:22.👏👏👏”
  • Danai: “I never knew that being looked down upon like that could make you be blessed.”
  • Carlton: “Skomota is going milestone 🙌🙏”


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