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Zimbabwean Businessman Kudzai Mushonga Shares How His Love Story With South African Actress Khanyi Mbau Turned Sour

Zimbabwean entrepreneur Kudzai Mushonga has shared a heartfelt account of how his involvement with actress Khanyi Mbau in a romantic relationship nearly led to the downfall of his life.

Kudzai recently revealed to Maphephandaba that he has since moved on and is currently in a new relationship with a woman of Arabic descent.

This revelation came after Kudzai posted a video on his Instagram stories, and observant Instagram users noticed that the arm seen in the video did not belong to Khanyi Mbau.

The Split

It has been reported that Kudzai and Khanyi officially called it quits earlier this month.

Insiders close to the situation have informed Maphephandaba that Khanyi has experienced a significant decline in her lifestyle, having moved away from the luxurious lifestyle she enjoyed in Dubai.

Kudzai Mushonga Tells All On Relationship With Khanyi Mbau

During a conversation with Maphephandaba, Kudzai opened up about the devastating toll the relationship took on his mental well-being.

He revealed that his life became entangled with Khanyi to such an extent that he found himself isolated from the outside world.

“I found myself in a situation where my life would stop once I dropped my partner at the airport. I had friends, brothers and sisters that checked on me often. I gave them all up. In pursuit of love. I feared disrespecting my partner and never wanted her to worry or raise any suspicions.

“I had very minimal contact with the outside world, and my mental health started falling apart. Each time I tried to step out, it disrupted the peace in my relationship, so I chose to stay home. I only went out when she was home, and that was maybe after 4 months.

“I started dying a slow, painful death inside me, and each time I shared how I felt, the response was (your feelings are valid) and dismissed. My situation got so intense that at some point, I thought of sharing all the money I had amongst my family and her and just die.”

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