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Zahara’s passing on Monday evening in a Johannesburg public hospital after being moved from Netcare Olivedale Hospital, marked a heart-wrenching end to her battle with liver complications that left her in a coma for over a week.

The singer was with her family, husband and friends when she was having her last moments. The people she loved were with her when she fell sick for the last time before her death.

Zahara’s Family Held Four-Hour Prayer Session Upon Receiving Grim News

Zahara's death
Zahara-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Zahara’s sister, Lumka Mkutukana, shared the emotional details of the final moments. The hospital urgently summoned the family, aware that time was running out. Distressed, the family engaged in a four-hour prayer session, desperately hoping for a miracle to save the “Loliwe” hitmaker.

“The Nurse said you need to stay in the ward and wait because Bulelwa can pass on at any time. That is why we called you. It was painful. We cried. We prayed a lot. Praying for her, with the hope that she would fight death. We prayed for four hours,” Lumka revealed while holding back tears.

Zahara’s Sister Reveals the Final Moments Before Musician Passed Away in Hospital

Continuing her account, Lumka shared that they were by Zahara’s bedside when the machines unexpectedly indicated a flatline. It was at that moment they realized something was wrong. “The Doctor said if she dies, all the machines will indicate the number zero. I remember I was on her hospital bed, my brother was hugging her. Bulelwa was breathing at the time with no sign that she would die when the hospital machines stopped. I knew that something was wrong. It wasn’t easy. We release your soul Bulelwa,” Lumka recounted Zahara’s last moments in the hospital.

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