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Zahara’s family has taken a decisive step by filing an inquest docket at the Roodepoort police station, driven by suspicions of foul play surrounding her untimely demise after receiving two contradicting autopsies.

Inquest Unveiled

Zahara, also known as Bulelwa Mkutukana, breathed her last at Olievedale Netcare Hospital in Johannesburg on December 11, 2023, at the age of 36. The inquest was instigated by Zahara’s brother, Junior Mkutukana, on the very day Zahara passed away, following her hospitalization at the private facility.

The inquest, documented by Constable Modupe and reviewed by Warrant Officer Netshiunda, states: “The complainant, Mr Mkutukana, alleged that on 2023-12-11 at about 12:00, he was at Roodepoort when Bulelwa Mkutukana complained of stomach pains. She was taken to Olievedale Netcare Hospital and was declared dead (sic).”

Zahara's death
Zahara-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Speculations Surrounding Health Issues

Prior to and after Zahara’s passing, rumors circulated about the Umthwalo hitmaker facing liver-related complications and pre-diabetes. However, the acclaimed songbird’s family dismisses these claims, prompting the initiation of the inquest to scrutinize the circumstances surrounding her demise.

Inquest Implications

The commencement of the inquest signifies that law enforcement will delve into the details surrounding Zahara’s passing to ascertain the cause of death.

Allegations of Poisoning

Sunday World has gathered that Zahara’s family suspects foul play, leaning towards the possibility that the singer might have been deliberately poisoned by adversaries. These suspicions gained weight due to conflicting preliminary autopsy reports received by the family post the demise of the ‘Loliwe’ hitmaker.

Conflicting Autopsy Findings

According to allegations, one autopsy report indicates Zahara succumbed to “natural causes,” while another labels her cause of death as “under investigation.” Zahara’s manager, Oyama Dyosiba, when approached for comment, denied any knowledge of the case, redirecting inquiries to the late singer’s uncle and family spokesperson, Nkosi Mkutukana.

Nkosi claimed ignorance, stating, “Which case are you talking about? We did not open any inquest at Roodepoort. I have no knowledge of this.”

Police Verification

Gauteng police spokesperson Mavela Masondo has officially confirmed the registration of an inquest docket for thorough investigation.

“We can confirm that an inquest docket has been registered for investigation,” he stated.

Final Farewell

Zahara is scheduled to be laid to rest in her hometown of Phumlani in the Eastern Cape on Saturday.


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