Onthatile Sebati who murdered her familyOnthatile Sebati-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

In a startling turn of events, Onthatile Sebati, a resident of North West, has been found guilty of orchestrating the murders of her parents and siblings in 2016 when she was a mere 15 years old.

The unsettling case transpired in the High Court in Pretoria, where Sebati, along with her cousins Tumelo and Kagiso Mokone, faced charges of murder, theft, robbery with aggravating circumstances, possession of a firearm, and possession of ammunition.

Alleged Motive and Accusations

According to sources, Sebati purportedly paid her cousins a significant sum of R50,000 each from insurance payouts following the tragic deaths of her parents. The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) disclosed that the young woman conspired with her co-accused to carry out the gruesome act.

On December 6, Tumelo and Kagiso went to Sebati’s residence in Mmakau, North West, to collect her father’s service firearm. Lumka Mahanjana, the NPA spokesperson in Gauteng, detailed Sebati’s role in facilitating her cousins’ entry into the house.

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Onthatile Sebati's family
Onthatile Sebati who killed her parents and siblings-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

“Sebati went outside pretending to dispose of water but went to open the gate for the two and gave Kagiso her father’s car keys that were parked outside. Tumelo then proceeded to enter the house where he shot and killed Sebati’s parents and siblings,” Mahanjana explained.

Confessions and Legal Proceedings

Nearly two weeks after the heinous crime, Onthatile Sebati turned herself in, confessing to her role and leading to the subsequent arrests of her cousins. Tumelo and Kagiso also confessed to the police, but during the trial, they pleaded not guilty and contested the validity of their confessions.

Prosecutor Advocate Eric Sihlangu revealed that Tumelo and Kagiso were each paid R50,000 for their involvement in the murders. Fingerprints linked Kagiso to the crime scene, bolstering the prosecution’s case.

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Guilty Verdict and Sentencing Proceedings

The judge deemed the confessions admissible, and with overwhelming evidence, the trio was found guilty on all charges. Sentencing proceedings are scheduled for April 16 to 19.

Social Media Responses

The Onthatile Sebati family murder case has elicited shock and disbelief. Social media users expressed their reactions:

@mamporos345: I wonder what led her to plot such against her parents. A 15-year-old for that matter!!!

@SiphoMaleka_: A 15-year-old plotting this yoh 🚮

@DreamerSib: Beyond evil! 15 Year old? They must rot in jail

@Rakhi: Yhuu at 15 I was getting butterflies in my stomach if my crush said hello. Plotting murder🙆🏾 Yhuu what kind of 15yr old does such???



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