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“You Can Give Your V_irginity Away Tomorrow”: Khanyi Mbau Tells Her Daughter

As the highly anticipated second season of “Young, Famous & African” gears up for its premiere on Netflix this Friday, let’s take a nostalgic trip down memory lane to one of the most contentious moments of the series.

South African actress Khanyi Mbau stirred up controversy when she expressed to her daughter, Khanukani, that she could potentially lose her v_irginity as early as “tomorrow.”

This statement did not sit well with Andile Ncube and Annie Idibia, sparking a strong reaction from both individuals.

Khanyi On Daughter’s V_irginity 

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to the first episode of the inaugural season of “Young, Famous & African” when Khanyi Mbau sparked intense discussions and garnered disapproval from some of her co-stars.

Khanyi, who shares a 16-year-old daughter named Khanukani Mbau with public figure Mandla Mthembu, made waves with her unconventional parenting approach.

In a bold revelation, she disclosed that her parenting style diverges from the norm, as she allows her daughter to live independently in an apartment adjacent to hers.

This decision raised eyebrows and triggered contrasting opinions among the cast members of the show.

“We allow Khanz to be herself, if she wants to try stuff, I mean anything… we let her try it. Cause we want to see who this person is,” she said. 

“But then where do you draw the line? What happens when she’s curious about sex at 15?” asks Andile.

“V_irginity can be lost or it can be stolen. So lost is when you are ready and its a boy you think you are going to marry, you give it away. You love this guy, you are 15, you think you are going to marry him… you give it away,” Khanyi continued.

Khanyi also said she told her daughter that there is no age to lose her v_irginity, she could do it “tomorrow”.

“I said there’s no age for it. You can give away your virginity tomorrow night. It’s worse because you sleep in your own apartment,” she went on to say.


Annie Macaulay-Idibia and Andile Ncube, two other prominent and renowned African stars, were deeply disturbed by Khanyi’s controversial statement.

What astonished them even more was the fact that Khanyi permits her daughter to reside independently in her apartment.

“She’s too young. This thing didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t like what I was hearing. She is still young, she might not be able to make the right decisions,” said Annie.

“Regardless of how you speak with her, she’s still 15,” she continued.


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