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‘With Mufasa’: Gogo Maweni walks with a pride of lions

South African sangoma and reality TV star Gogo Maweni, also known as Makgotso Lee-Anne Makopo, celebrated her recent birthday in a captivating and unconventional manner. The star of Izangoma Zodumo captivated her audience by sharing a video on Instagram where she fearlessly walked alongside a pride of lions.

A Fearless and Unconventional Persona

Gogo Maweni is no stranger to showcasing her audacious personality. Whether it’s confronting impersonators or embarking on nighttime walks in graveyards, she continues to assert her fearless attitude. Beyond this, she has showcased her affection for animals, having been spotted with owls, rabbits, and even sizeable slithering snakes which she claims to own and occasionally snuggle with at night.

Strolling with Majestic Beasts

On the occasion of her birthday, Gogo Maweni took an extraordinary stroll alongside three magnificent lions, seamlessly integrating herself into the pride’s surroundings. Captioning the experience as “Blessed beyond measure ❤️,” she shared the awe-inspiring encounter on her social media platform.


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Astonishment and Speculation on Social Media

After witnessing the astonishing video of Gogo Maweni alongside the lions, her social media followers found it difficult to believe that the footage was authentic. The remarkable comfort displayed by both Gogo Maweni and the lions led many to speculate whether the video had been digitally manipulated.

A Life Full of Joys

At 37 years old, Gogo Maweni, a practicing sangoma, is embracing life to the fullest. Recently, she acquired an SUV Porsche, a testament to her success and fearless spirit. This new addition to her life is particularly fitting as she prepares to welcome twins with her husband, Sabelo. During a candid interview on DJ Sbu’s podcast, The Hustlers Corner SA, she joyfully announced that the couple is expecting twins through in vitro fertilization (IVF).

Engaging Social Media Reactions

Unsurprisingly, Gogo Maweni’s lion walk video triggered a range of reactions across social media:

  • “Now which app makes so many lies 😂😂😂,” asked @thabanintu.
  • “Are these lions real though? I’m scared of a rat, imagine a lion…😢😭😭” questioned @miss_lee_24.
  • “I also want to take a picture and go down with Mufasa 😂,” wrote @benjiie.redbarzzz.
  • “Yhooo yhooo you are so brave, I will never Jesu wam 😢😢,” commented @buki_senti.
  • “True lioness ❤️🔥💯,” reacted @kutlwano_lwano.

With her daring lion encounter and forthcoming motherhood journey, Gogo Maweni continues to capture the admiration and curiosity of her devoted audience.

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