Bonang Motherhood TweetBonang Matheba (Image Credit: Instagram via @bonang_m)

“Who Is The Father?”| Bonang Matheba Sets Mzansi Abuzz With Cryptic Tweet About Motherhood

Bonang Matheba, a famous South African actress, caused a lot of buzz on social media when she posted a cryptic motherhood tweet.

The tweet immediately stirred up speculation about whether the celebrity was expecting her ‘first child’.

Writing on her Twitter account, she said:

“…a Mother!!!”


During that time, Bonang Matheba didn’t explain her tweet, but netizens rushed to pour congratulatory messages.

Bonang’s cryptic post on her Twitter account left tweeps questioning the father’s identity.


Who is the father 


Yoooh mara I Wana know who is the father…. I’m so hurt


Sure case I’m not the only one who doesn’t know the Father. who’s the lucky guy?


Gud luck with the beginning of the journey u want to take. Fingers crossed 🤗

Bonang Matheba Dismisses Pregnancy Rumors

Bonang Motherhood Tweet
Bonang Matheba Sets Mzansi Abuzz With Cryptic Tweet About Motherhood (Image Credit: Instagram via @bonang_m)

Bonang said she was not pregnant after one of her fans congratulated her. Dismissing the rumours, she responded by saying:

“Not yet. lol. but, thank you.”


The famous Mzansi actress left her fans disappointed after it turned out that she was talking about her mother.

Bonang, in another post, gushed about her mum.

“…yoh!! I love my Mom. What an amazing hun… “


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