Chris Excel used Bianca's pictures-Image Source@TwitterChris Excel used Bianca's pictures-Image Source@Twitter

Who is Chris Excel? The ‘black Twitter president’ unmasked

Chris Excel, a self-proclaimed “black Twitter president”, has been making waves on social media for his controversial tweets and trolling of celebrities. He has been hiding behind a photo of digital creator Bianca Coster, who has publicly asked him to stop using her image. However, his alleged real identity and photo have been leaked by other Twitter users, sparking a lot of reactions.

The real person behind the account

Chris Excel’s suspected real name is Christopher Azola Tabane, a 25-year-old man who lives and works in Port Elizabeth. His photo was shared by several Twitter users who claimed to have exposed him. The photo shows a young man with glasses and a cap, smiling at the camera.

Christopher Azola-Image Source@Twitter
Christopher Azola-Image Source@Twitter

Bianca Coster, whose photo Chris Excel has been using without her permission, revealed some details about him in an attempt to stop him from impersonating her. She said he lives at 41 Peace Street Missianvale Port Elizabeth, and that he works at Faltex Foam and Automotive Productions (PTY) LTD.

The trouble he caused

Chris Excel has not been very popular on Twitter, as he often insults and provokes celebrities and other users. He has been blocked by many famous people, such as TV and radio presenter Pearl Modiade, and US preacher TD Jakes. He has also had online clashes with poet Ntsiki Mazwai and doctor Nandipha Sekeleni.

The backlash he received

When his photo went viral, many Twitter users ridiculed him and questioned his credibility and authority. Some called him an “underage president” and a “phara” (a derogatory term for a dirty person). Others said they were surprised that he knew so much about South Africa despite being so young. Some also suggested that he should face legal action for his behaviour.

Here are some of the comments from Twitter users:

  • “He’s 25 but some 40 years olds are calling him the king,” @Trid991 said,
  • “Now easy to open a case against him,” @thenjiwe_sand wrote.
  • “Lomuntu usewazi yonke into ngeSouth Africa kodwa una 25?” @LuyandaSnorah commented.
  • “He is an underage ‘president’!” @against_biased reacted.
  • “Grown men worship this ablutophobic phara and put their dignity on the line by being led by this person. Twitter is not a real place,” @love_live_move replied.

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