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When Love Turns Sour| Themba Broly’s Split From Mphowabadimo Sparks Threats And Safety Concerns

Reality TV star Mphowabadimo’s fans have reportedly issued warnings to her estranged husband Themba Broly after revealing that they intend to confront him in public.

Themba Broly And Mphowabadimo’s Love Story

Last year, Mphowabadimo emerged as the winner of the R2 million grand prize on Big Brother Mzansi.

After leaving the reality show, Themba Broly and Mphowabadimo started dating and quickly became a fan favorite in Mzansi.

Their social media presence was so significant that Mzansi Magic even commissioned a reality TV show, titled “Themba: My Inked World,” which focused on Themba Broly’s life as a tattoo artist.

In January 2023, Mphowabadimo made a public announcement that she is expecting a baby with her partner.

Additionally, Themba Broly had initiated the process of lobola negotiations with Mphowabadimo’s family, which is a traditional practice in some African cultures where the groom-to-be pays a bride price to the bride’s family as a sign of respect and appreciation.

Unfortunately, their once adorable union began to experience problems because of Themba Broly’s baby mama, Nqobile Khuzwayo, who seemed to cause tension between Themba and Mphowabadimo.

Mphowabadimo became frustrated with Themba, stating that he lacked boundaries by allowing his baby mama to disrespect their relationship.

She also expressed her concerns that he was immature and prioritized spending time with his friends over supporting her during her pregnancy.

In the end, Mphowabadimo decided to end the relationship and even chased Themba out of her house.

Mphowabadimo recently revealed to ZiMoja that she has been receiving death threats from people close to Themba since their breakup. In response to these threats, she has decided to seek legal assistance.

“I have been receiving death threats, from calls to texts threatening my life and my son’s life, till today. Those threats have been direct, and it has created a very hostile situation for me and those close to me. I’ve been receiving pictures of my car, home, and son with threats. Some of these messages and calls are coming from people close to the person I was in a relationship with.”

Mphowabadimo’s fears have deeply affected social media users, who have now become angered by the situation.

In response to Themba Broly’s announcement that he would be attending the Oluhle Organics Grand Opening for a Meet & Greet on 1 April, people flooded the comments section expressing their anger and frustration towards him.

Below are some of the comments on social media.


“You better come with bodyguards ngoba siyokushaya bhuti. We coming with okapi and Sjambok. We are tired of you 😂.”


“Why must we meet you while you can’t attend pregnancy checkups for your wife phopho? Uyahlanya shem na ma tattoo 😏”


“Lmao imagine meet and greet…you ain’t Chris brown, no history in the industry. We were in love with your relationship, not you. Nonsense.”


“Bring back my donation wena o tattoo tsao fy.”


Imagine Meet And Greet……We loved your relationship, not you, Bruh. It’s not like you Famous and Sh*t.”

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