Bianca Coster-Image Source@InstagramBianca Coster-Image Source@Instagram

When lemons turn into lemonade! Bianca Coster lands role in “Isitha: The Enemy”

Bianca Coster, a social media influencer with an impressive Instagram following of 244,000, has recently made headlines for her first major acting role in the drama series, “Isitha: The Enemy.” However, it was not her online presence alone that brought her into the spotlight.

The Catfishing Incident

Earlier, Bianca had an unexpected encounter with a popular Twitter account known as Chris Excel, where she became the victim of catfishing. The incident brought attention to her face and name, ultimately leading to the opportunity for her to star in the TV series.

Bianca Coster-Image Source@Instagram
Bianca Coster-Image Source@Instagram

Phil Mphela Announces Bianca’s Role

Phil Mphela, an entertainment commentator, broke the news about Bianca’s acting debut in “Isitha: The Enemy.” His tweet sparked a wave of excitement among her fans and followers.

Netizens React

Following the announcement, online users flooded social media with congratulations for both Bianca Coster and Chris Excel. Some suggested that Bianca should thank Chris for inadvertently boosting her popularity through the catfishing incident. While Chris Excel, with a whopping 1.2 million followers, has gained fame for his straightforward and uncensored tweets, he also faced criticism for tarnishing Bianca’s reputation.

Bianca Coster-Image Source@Instagram
Bianca Coster-Image Source@Instagram

Here are a few reactions from Twitter:

  • @Ziggy_Diver1: “Somehow it’s embedded in my mind as Chris… anyway, congratulations, Bianca.”
  • @TinyikoNtlurhi: “You mean Chris will be on TV…”
  • @MrThizozo: “I almost thought it’s Chris Excel.”
  • @GodOfWoes: “She has Chris to thank for this!”
  • @majorleague1313: “Tell me this is not about Chris Excel’s popularity?”

With mixed opinions and varying perceptions, Bianca’s acting role in “Isitha: The Enemy” has undeniably sparked intrigue and curiosity among fans and followers alike.

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