Humbulani Tsharani-Image Source(Instagram)Humbulani Tsharani-Image Source(Instagram)

When Art Becomes Reality: Muvhango Actor’ Mulimisi’ Humbulani Tsharani Sells Traditional Tlof Tlof Booster

Muvhango actor Humbulani Tsharani, who plays a traditional healer Mulimisi on the SABC 2 show, is now selling tlof tlof booster mpesu. This traditional medicine is popular among men and helps those with erectile dysfunction.

Tsharani has been dealing in mpesu for a few years now, and despite the shock of fans and customers that an actor can sell traditional medicine, he has made a lot of money from this hustle.

Humbulani Tsharani-Image Source(Instagram)
Humbulani Tsharani-Image Source(Instagram)

Mpesu is a traditional booster for men suffering from erectile dysfunction that is common in Venda. The actor took advantage of the fact that his face is famous for his role as a traditional healer, so people trust him when it comes to conventional medicine.

Tsharani dismissed the speculation that he is selling the tlof tlof performance booster because he has financial difficulties.

Humbulani Tsharani sells traditional bedroom booster in real-life

He mentioned that he is not broke and his wife is a godsend to him and their kids. Although he is blessed to have his acting gig, which pays him well, he believes it is wise not to limit oneself to just one thing.

Humbulani Tsharani-Image Source(Instagram)
Humbulani Tsharani-Image Source(Instagram)

Customers’ feedback on Mpesu has overwhelmed Tsharani, and he even has celebrity clients. Some customers have come to him, desperate to save their marriages, as they tell him that things are hanging by a thread.

Tsharani has become a wingman to many men who insist that their spouses not know they get external help to impress in bed.

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