What To Expect On The River In March

Tensions will rise between Lindiwe and Zweli in March!

Lindiwe and Zweli’s marriage will be on the rocks this season and shakier than ever before as Zweli is obsessed with finding out the truth! Expect Zweli and Lindiwe to play cat and mouse games in March. Zweli will start keeping secrets from Lindiwe in order to gain an advantage over his wife. Whatever hold Lindiwe had over Zweli in the past will not work this season as their marriage will consistently be tested this season. 

The Dikana’s are going to be rattled during dinner when Zolani and Lindiwe try to stay out of jail.

Expect a change in Zweli this season in terms of work and relationships! This season is focusing on Zweli the police commissioner and Zweli the husband.

The two might not make it come season 5 as Zweli might eventually uncover who his wife really is. Will he join Lindiwe’s dark side or divorce her?

We’ve already seen these two being separated in previous seasons, so it’ll be interesting to see what will be different this time around.

Mabutho is Mzekezeke…

The Refilwe residents will be blessed by Mabutho throughout February and March who is going to steal items from Lindiwe’s mine. His ‘Mzekezeke’ alter-ego will be uncovered by Khabzela who will eventually assist him in helping out the community.

Lindiwe vs Elvis

Elvis is going to threaten Lindiwe throughout February and March. He’s going to demand Lindiwe to leave Zweli to be with her as he’s going to develop feelings for her. Lindiwe is going to play him and Zweli.

Zweli will also realize that there’s something fishy about Elvis as he’s not who he pretends to be.

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