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“We Feel Your Pain And We Grieve With You”: AKA’s Mother, Lynn Forbes, Sends Heartfelt Message Of Love To The Megacy

Lynn Forbes, the mother of the late rapper AKA, took to social media to share a heartfelt message with The Megacy.

Throughout his life and even after his untimely death, AKA’s fans have remained loyal to him and provided unwavering support.

AKA’s mother has conveyed her appreciation towards his devoted fans for their steadfast support, particularly in anticipation of his much-awaited album, Mass Country.

According to ZAlebs, AKA was tragically killed in a drive-by shooting in Durban in February, and authorities have confirmed it was an assassination.

In the wake of his brutal death, AKA’s mother expressed understanding of The Megacy’s anger and the unimaginable pain they’re experiencing.

AKA-Image Source(Instagram)
AKA-Image Source(Instagram)

She also provided reassurance that although AKA may be gone in physical form, his spirit can never be taken away.

She wrote:

“My beloved children of the megacy, Kiernan’s body has been taken from us and this world in the most brutal way. I understand that, just like the family, you must feel anger, indescribable pain, and disbelief. All of which are normal emotions. We feel your pain and we grieve with you. Kiernan’s body has left us but let’s remember, with grateful hearts that his spirit can never be taken away.

“Your unwavering support, contributed to Kiernan’s drive, excellence, and relentless hard work. He was a perfectionist who made no allowance for anything mediocre. He inspired excellence in himself but your support kept him going for almost two decades … propelling him into superstardom. No words can describe how much you meant to him and for that you have my everlasting love and gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

“If Kiernan had the opportunity to ask anything from us right now what would it be? Knowing the person and father he has grown into, I believe Kiernan would ask of me and you to continue loving the people he loved and to preserve his memory and legacy forever … so when Kairo’s friends in the future ask her who her dad was she would be able to answer … Let me show you who my dad is
“I continue, to humbly request, that you help our family create the memories that will fill the future gaps for Kairo, by sharing your stories and personal experiences about her dad, her hero, on social media or anywhere possible …. where in future, when she has access to the social media platforms, she will experience him through your stories and your outpour of love.

I have lost one son … to death. But he left me with the gift of love and life … multiple sons and daughters in the larger Megacy family. May his legacy and spirit live on forever. Long Live Supa Mega Live Long.

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