It’s going down on Gen The Legacy this week, the highlights are in so let’s get through them.

Luyolo’s parents are killing patients and Kabisi is one of their victims?

Kabisi is sicker than we thought.
He started showing signs of regressing last week and Fikile took him to the hospital, but the man is really sick.

In fact he is so sick that he ends up being admitted at the hospital and it doesn’t look good at all.

Sphe found out that his medication has been changed to a more generic one without a reason,by Donald and Busi who are Luyolo’s parents.

Mazwi is starting to feel helpless when it comes to his great uncle and the fact that he has bonded so much with Fikile who is now Mazwi’s great enemy is not helping matters.

Kabisi is basically fighting for his life at this point and he might actually die.

Lucy TKO’s Dali

Lucy appeared in the CC video footage at the Zola Radebe hotel where Magwaza was last seen.

Now the police have put her on the suspect list because on the day she was there,Magwaza disappeared.

Dali asked for Lucy’s help last week with this case and now she feels like he betrayed her.

Dali should know that Lucy doesn’t respond well to betrayal. This week he is going to learn the hard way because she is going to knock him out with a baseball bet.

Moroka Maponya Media.

Fikile is getting everything she wants and that includes M.M.M which stands for Moroka Maponya Media.

Following the hardships she has gone through with her partner Mazwi, Fikile certainly deserves her stake of the pie.

Kabisi passes out at the launch and she really doesn’t get to celebrate her victory very well.

Keep an eye out for more on this drama as we update you on new developments this week.

Watch the week’s highlights below:

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