Monday is the premier of season 9 and Generations The Legacy is serving us the dish hot and well prepared .

Without further ado,let’s go through it.

Ayanda kills Magwaza

Ayanda has been going through the most since Philani Magwaza arrived back from his hiatus.

She has been suffering blackouts in her days that she can not explain and no one knows what she does during those blackouts.

The truth is weirder things have been happening since she started blacking out.

Firstly, Thembeka turned up dead at the hospital and she has been extremely violent and completely isolated from everyone.

A woman wearing the mask of a ghost showed up on our screen last week claiming victory after Thembeka’s death.

Ayanda receives a phone call late at night on Thursday and after that things get bloody and weird.

This week Magwaza will disappear and the video shows her with blood on her hands. Nkosiyabo looks suspicious when he asks her where Magwaza is.

“Do you know what happened to Magwaza?” He asks her

Nkosiyabo ends up working with Dali to find out and maybe hide the truth if it 8s found that Ayanda did actually kill Philani.

Did Ayanda kill Magwaza?
Did she kill Thembeka?
Is Ayanda the woman behind that horrible mask?
Is Magwaza really dead?

We are just going to have to wait and see.

Moroka Maponya media is born

Fikile is not playing around, and she is claiming her half of the Moroka media company.

The video shows her having a press conference about this name change and things fall apart as Sipho the journalist turns this conference I to a circus, dragging the Moroka name into the mud.

Fikile and Kabisi

Mazwi doesn’t like what he sees when Fikile and Kabisi celebrate the name change and also Kabisi is unwell again but he is hiding it from Fikile.

A mysterious death at the hospital gives Sphe sleepless nights

Strange things have been happening at the hospital since Luyolo’s parents took over as the new owners.

From patients being turned away because their cases are not emergencies enough to unexpected deaths. It doesn’t take a genius to see that something is not right.

A patient unexpectedly dies and Sphe is seen trying to understand what might have happened because the patient was in the process getting helped and he wasn’t showing signs of dying.

Watch the video for a visual reference of what’s to take place below.

We will give more on this week’s episodes as the weeks progresses.

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