Matthew Booth broke his silence on the alleged cheating scandal. His wife Sonia Booth shocked the entire country when she aired her husband’s family on social media and posted information about how she gathered information to prove her suspicions.

The soccer legend denied the allegations and said the matter has been handed over to his attorneys.

Booth said that it was unfortunate that his wife decided to go the social media route about this matter before talking to him saying it was an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

Mrs Booth shared more evidence that she received from a member of the public who said she spotted Matthew with the person he is allegedly cheating with, known as Bongani Moller.

The video shows a table full of expensive wine and more.

Sonia has responded to her husband’s legal response saying that the Lawyers are going to win big time.

“Finish off what’s left of the boy’s educational funds in the middle of their exams”

On Wednesday, Sonia shared another video where she said that she was at the gym and on coming out, she found her husband searching her car.

She said he used a spare key from the house to open the car after tracking it.

Sonia said that her husband searched her bags and that her things were moved into her car.

Sonia and Matthew Booth
Sonia and Matthew Booth. Image: Instagram

In the video, Sonia is shouting and calling him a coward as he appears to be walking towards the gym building. She says she suspects something was planted in the car and hopes he found what he was looking for.

The former model also said that if anything happens to her that the video would be evidence that she is being followed. She said her PI has her mother’s contacts.

Matthew and Sonia have been married since 2006 and have children together.

Bongani Moller whom Matthew us alleged to be cheating with has since discontinued her Instagram.

Sonia mentioned that she had spoken to her husband before sharing the news of the scandal on social media and he approved of the expose, saying he doesn’t know what to do anymore.

Supersport has distanced itself from the scandal saying it should be handled privately. Matthew is employed by Supersport as one of their analysts.

The news of Supersport standing by Booth caused the public to resurrect the Katlego Maboe case, where he was also accused of GBV and cheating in 2020. Katlego was cancelled and lost most of his jobs including the bug insurance advert that he starred in.

Watch the video below:

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