Costa Titch dies-Image source(Instagram)Costa Titch dies-Image source(Instagram)

Watch: Rapper Costa Titch’s last moments on stage

South African musician Costa Titch has died at the age of 27 after collapsing on stage during a performance at Ultra South Africa in Johannesburg. A video of the incident has been shared on social media, showing the singer falling twice before eventually passing away.

The cause of death is unknown, although there are unconfirmed reports on Twitter that Titch had a seizure before collapsing. Entertainment reporter Kgopolo Phil Mphela was among the first to report on the artist’s death but did not provide any additional information. The rapper is rumoured to have had epilepsy and that’s rumoured to be the cause of his seizure.

Costa Titch dies-Image source(Instagram)

Titch started out in the entertainment industry as a dancer before becoming a rapper. He was closely associated with AKA and Riky Rick, who have also passed away in recent years. Titch, AKA, and Riky Rick had worked on a hit song called “Nkalakatha.” The rapper is known for his big amapiano hit called Big Flexa which won International Awards last year.

Watch the video of Costa Titch’s last moments below:

The deaths of these three artists have left many fans and industry players devastated. The cause of Titch’s death is yet to be confirmed, and his team and family have not released a statement. Many fans are already in mourning as they post their moments with the rapper.

The South African music industry has lost many talented artists in recent years, including DJ Dimplez, DJ Sumbody, and Mampintsha, AKA and Riky Rick among others.

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