What if Khwezi went to Marothi to frame Lehasa and ensure he ended up in jail? Here is what we know.

Kwhezi is acting out of character by going to Lehasa’s worst enemy to ask for his help in getting Lehasa out of jail.

She hates Lehasa for cheating on her with Pretty and nearly killed him just a few weeks ago.

So why is she fighting for him to be accessible suddenly?

Let’s go through the events that led to last night’s episode.

A few months ago, Khwezi went into Petersen’s office and offered her help to take Lehasa down.

She has Kgosi under her wing; when Pretty sees Petersen get information on Lehasa, Kgosi walks in on them and immediately calls Khwezi, warning her of this development.

She is constantly making bad judgment calls, which is unlike her.

She lied to Lehasa

One of the most notable things that happened last night is that Khwezi lied to Lehasa about what was said when she met Marothi.

Lehasa asked her what Marothi said about helping him, and she said he agreed to help so that Mavimbela would reach a verdict that favoured him, but when she had a Flashback of what happened, it was revealed that that wasn’t true.

The truth is that Marothi advised her to sink Lehasa and take over his business. When Marothi called Mavimbela later in the episode, the two laughed about it, as if they expected this to happen.

Khwezi is not stupid. She knows very well that Marothi will never help Marothi, and she remembers when she met with Mavimbela last week; she said he owes her.

Pretty and Lehasa known as PreHasa on Skeem Saam
Pretty and Lehasa known as PreHasa on Skeem Saam. Image: Instagram

She doesn’t like the Mavimbela, and they feel the same about her, so why would Mavimbela agree to give Lehasa a good verdict on Khwezi’s request?

Who told Petersen about the meeting in Polokwane?

This is what we think.

Khwezi saw how strong Leeto’s arguments were in court, and she knew that he could get Lehasa off, and now she is trying to pin something on him so that he ends up in jail no matter what. Trying to bribe a judge would make sure Lehasa goes down because…

1. It would prove that he was guilty of killing Fanie; otherwise, why is he paying to get a favourable judgment if he is sure of his innocence?

2. The event has also made Leeto doubt his client’s innocence; she made sure that he starts to believe that Lehasa sent her to plead his case with Marothi.

3. Pretty would be out of the picture.

Watch the video of Khwezi flashing back last night below:

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