Murdah Bongz and Kairo dance-Image Source(Instagram)Murdah Bongz and Kairo dance-Image Source(Instagram)

Watch: Murdah Bongz Dances With Kairo Forbes, Leaves Mzansi Chopping Onions

Murdah Bongz has managed to leave fans chopping onions after he danced with Kairo Forbes and Asante. Many people have been talking about Murdah Bongz since AKA died, but he has stayed calm. He has been an excellent stepfather to Kairo and focused on that.

People often speculated how DJ Zinhle would make co-parenting happen with AKA after she married Murdah Bongz. However, the three worked on a relationship that worked for them and was often criticized on social media.

A Father's Love| Murdah Bongz Shows Up For AKA's Daughter Kairo During Trying Times
Murdah Bongz with AKA’s daughter Kairo x Murdah Bongz with Dj Zinhle, Kairo and the Forbes family (screen grab from Dj Zinhle Instagram stories@djzinhle)

In her reality show, DJ Zinhle shared that Murdah Bongz was uncomfortable with AKA wanting to be in Asante’s life despite being in Kairo’s life. However, the two had pictures taken together at Moozlie’s birthday party and showed respect to each other in a fatherly way.

Watch the video of Murdah Bongz dancing with Kairo Forbes below:

After AKA’s death, Murdah Bongz posted that he would be the father Kairo needs in his absence. This caused a lot of South Africans to be emotional and praise him for stepping up to the role. In a recent video, Murdah Bongz is already stepping up as a fatherly figure to Kairo.

In a video shared on Instagram, Murdah Bongz and Kairo danced together, which is good for their relationship. Kairo’s real dad, AKA, died, so she needs love and support, and Murdah Bongz is there for her as a father figure. They also made TikTok videos with Murdah Bongz’s other children.

Some people on social media liked what they saw and praised Murdah Bongz for being an excellent dad to Kairo. Asante also got a lot of attention because she was a good dancer. They didn’t plan their dance moves, but that didn’t matter.

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