Makhadzi Twerking-Image Source@InstagramMakhadzi Twerking-Image Source@Instagram

Watch: Makhadzi’s Viral Bedroom Twerk Dance Leaves Fans Impressed

Makhadzi, the talented artist, has left fans in stitches with her recent bedroom twerk dance that quickly went viral within minutes. The dance was set to her latest hit song, ‘Welele,’ featuring DJ Maphorisa, Kabza de Small, and Fortunator.

A Fresh Start: ‘Welele’ After the Ugly Breakup

‘Welele’ marks Makhadzi’s first song release following her tumultuous breakup with Open Mic Productions. This new track represents a fresh beginning for the artist.

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Makhadzi’s Bedroom Dance Mishap

While dancing energetically in her bedroom, Makhadzi’s twerking antics took an unexpected turn when she accidentally broke her bed. The video of her dance was shared on her Instagram account, accompanied by a light-hearted caption.


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Quote from Makhadzi’s Instagram post:

“I just broke someone’s bed 😂😂😂 because of this song ‘Welele’ by @maphorisa @kabelomotha_ , @makhadzisa @fortunator_sa”

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Reactions to Makhadzi twerking on the bed

Makhadzi started her Instagram Live session calmly, playing the song on a small speaker while lying on the bed. As the song progressed, she couldn’t resist the rhythm and began dancing, twerking, and jumping on the bed. Fans were both impressed and entertained by her moves.

Selected Fan Comments:

  • “You nailed your verse, Makhadzi; the song reminded me of Chicco Thwala’s song 🎵”
  • “Swa misava swa tikooo, I felt that 😭🤞🏻”
  • “Come to my house in Leicester… Please come and have a BBQ before your big night. Ask your bodyguards to drive you to mine.”

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Makhadzi’s Fallout with Open Mic Productions

Makhadzi-Image Source@Instagram

Makhadzi openly expressed her frustration with Open Mic Productions, with whom she had worked for three years. She claimed that they failed to provide her with any payment for her album sales, a statement that Open Mic denied. The situation escalated when Open Mic demanded a public apology from Makhadzi, which she refused. Instead, she announced her collaboration with DJ Maphorisa on a new song.

“I signed with Open Mic for a three-year contract. During these three years, I released four albums. However, I have never received any payment for my album sales, despite some of them reaching platinum and gold status. I have continued to work without complaining, solely to fulfill my contract and avoid any accusations of breach.”


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