When Leeto signed the deal to take part in a nightclub, he did not expect that in a few days he would be dangling his feet on air while being manhandled by dragons men.

Leeto has chosen the route no one thought he would and now he has a loan shark tailing him.

Meikie threw him out of the house because she doesn’t believe that her son the Lawyer is becoming a club owner.

Leeto’s parents are worried that he might be returning to his old ways. In case you didn’t know Leeto wasn’t always this serious suit wearing lawyer before.

He got into serious problems with partying and losing control, and now that he has met up with the likes of Baby Maker his parents gear that he might be going straight back to his old life.

The nightclub is in Polokwane which means Leeto will be moving back home.

Dragon has been looking for him for days to give him a warning against buying the club, but when Leeto showed resistance, Dragon let him know what time it is.

Leeto soon found himself hanging from up above the ground from Dragons men who had lifted him up.

Everyone in Turfloop knows not to mess around Dragon’s territory,but Leeto says he doesn’t fear some village loanshark.

Things are going to get even more intense and the community will come for the Maputla family because of Leeto’s decision.

Leeto is not going to back down, instead he is going to get protection for himself and forge on.

The situation is going to escalate some more, but that’s a story for another day.


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