Pearl Thusi and Emtee-Image Source@InstagramPearl Thusi and Emtee-Image Source@Instagram

Watch: Emtee and Pearl Thusi’s Steamy Performance

This past weekend, fans were treated to an electrifying and steamy performance as Emtee and Pearl Thusi came together to revisit Emtee’s 2015 hit single dedicated to the talented actress.

Pearl Thusi, a popular figure in the entertainment industry, graced the stage alongside Emtee, and the audience couldn’t contain their excitement, chanting her name throughout the performance. The night reached its climax with a passionate kiss planted by Pearl on Emtee’s cheek.


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After the spectacular show, Pearl took to her social media accounts to express her sentiments, saying, “Dear Emtee… yah neh. Till the wheels fall off. I’m so proud of you. Thank you.”

The Queen Sono actress also expressed her heartfelt gratitude to the thousands of fans who showed their unwavering support in droves.

Pearl Thusi Reflects on Her Evolving Friendship with DJ Zinhle

In recent years, Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle’s friendship has been a subject of significant public interest. During a revealing interview on DJ Fresh’s podcast, Pearl shed light on their bond.

Candidly, Pearl disclosed that her connection with Zinhle goes beyond mere friendship. She explained, “Zinhle and I have always been friends. I consider Zinhle to be a sister. I have three sisters, and there have been times when I have a sister, and we haven’t spoken for over a year and a half. With Zinhle, we did have a moment, but it wasn’t a moment where I was like, ‘I’d never speak to you again.’ We’re adults, and we’re growing. Sometimes we are going to have moments where we may not agree on things. However, I must say that our lives have evolved since then.”

Pearl also highlighted a period in their lives when their bond was intensified due to their shared living arrangements.



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