Uncle Waffles-Image Source(Instagram)Uncle Waffles-Image Source(Instagram)

Watch: DJ Uncle Waffles Trolled for Hair, Nails And Makeup By Americans

South African DJ Uncle Waffles, originally from Swaziland, recently became a target of social media criticism following her appearance at a well-known jewellery store in the United States. The popular hitmaker, who is often seen jet-setting around the world, found herself trending on Instagram and Twitter due to a clip of her at the store.

The Ice Box Advertisement

Uncle Waffles was featured in a promotional video for Ice Box, a renowned jewellery franchise with locations in Atlanta, New York, and Miami. The clip, which was shared on the official Instagram page of the store, showcased the DJ enthusiastically promoting their products. “Make sure you come get your ice [jewellery]. The same way I’m coming to get my ice. At Ice Box dot com,” she exclaimed.


Uncles Waffles Trolled Over The Video

Unfortunately, the video garnered attention from numerous social media users, particularly those in the United States, who decided to criticize Uncle Waffles’ appearance. Critics took aim at various aspects, including her hair, makeup, teeth, and nails.

Here are some of the comments left by Instagram users:

  • @phatboyshole94: “Why is her forehead peeling? 😮”
  • @iam_arus: “You can really tell her wig stylist didn’t fly out with her too 😖 It’s giving ‘I did it myself.'”
  • @talktostephan: “You also need to see a dentist.”
  • @the_designer_doll: “Priorities in the wrong order, missing the nail and the lace is lifting. This is embarrassing.”
  • @1bosprada: “Her makeup is awful.”

It is unfortunate that despite Uncle Waffles’ international success, some individuals chose to focus on superficial aspects rather than appreciating her talent and achievements.

Uncle Waffles
DJ Uncle Waffles-Image Source(Instagram)

Uncle Waffles continues to make waves in the music industry, and her popularity extends far beyond the negative comments on social media. As a DJ, she has captivated audiences with her energetic performances and has gained a substantial following around the world.

It is crucial to remember that behind the glamorous facade, artists are human beings with their own unique style and choices. The unnecessary scrutiny of their appearance distracts from their true artistry and contributions to their craft.

Uncle Waffles remains an influential figure in the music scene, and her talent and creativity should be the focus of discussions, rather than shallow criticisms.

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