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Watch: Dineo Ranaka Shows Off New Boyfriend After Mental Health Scare

Dineo Ranaka, the media personality and reality TV star, has given her fans a glimpse of her new love interest. She posted a video on her Instagram account, where she is seen travelling with her partner and smiling happily.

Dineo Ranaka’s followers react to her new boyfriend

Her followers were delighted to see that Dineo Ranaka has found new love after her previous marriage ended. They commented on her video with words of encouragement and support.

“One thing about Dineo, she will love again and rise,” wrote one fan.

“Love is always ready, it’s us that doubt and question how it will be if we try again but one thing is for sure…you gotta try to experience the new love that awaits. I love for u D,” added another.

Dineo Ranaka’s relationship status

Dineo Ranaka recently revealed that she was in a relationship in an Instagram video, where she opened up about a tough week. She said that she had been confiding in her new man, who was also tired and stressed.


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“He is also tired, I am tired, we’re tired together.” She said she was grateful to have a shoulder to cry on. “I am blessed not to be alone in these new struggles.”

Dineo Ranaka’s marriage breakdown

Dineo Ranaka also opened up about her marriage on a recent episode of her podcast Dineo on S*x n Stuff. She said that her marriage with him lasted for only three months. She said that he was previously in a thirteen-year-long marriage, which was unhappy and abusive.

“I said to him, you put your first wife through thirteen years of misery, and you think I am going to sit and try to measure up to that timeline?

“When I sit in interviews and speak about boundaries that I set in my life, that thing is not a joke. If you violate my boundaries, it means that you think so little of me.”

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