Once upon a time in the Universe, Connie Ferguson played a rebellious young Karabo Moroka on Generations.

Many of you just know her as an adult running the Moroka empire, but that wasn’t the case before.

As the princess and the last born of Paul Moroka, she was the spoilt brat, and Connie Ferguson delivered that role like a pro.

The video shows the very original Generations with the likes of Sello Maske Ka Ncube (Archer Moroka), Tina Jaxa as Priscilla, the late Vinolia Mashego and Pamela Nomveye as Ntsiki.

Karabo had just returned from Max, her dangerous boyfriend indulging her in drugs to destroy her.

She walks into a house full of guests and steals the show from everyone there.

Ferguson delivers the performance of a lifetime, and viewers who have never seen this should do themselves a favour and see it.

Many of the actors on this show have gone on to be household names in the industry, and it’s no surprise.
The acting was just out of this world.

Karabo got involved with this shady character called Max Naidoo, played by Robin Singh, and he brought her hooked on cocaine.
Karabo went on to date all the men who turned out to be wrong for her, including Glen Majozi, who cheated on her with her friend Ntombi played by Sonia Mbele.

Max was arrested and returned a few years later to pay revenge on Miss Moroka by putting a substance in her eye drops, making her blind. Glen Majozi cheated on her with Ntombi around that time. That storyline was so hectic we all thought Ferguson was blind.

The woman is a performer. It’s no wonder she became The Queen.

Watch Connie performing of a lifetime while drugged up as Karabo Moroka below:


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