The week is a Wakanda fest in Mzansi, and big brands have been riding the wave of the biggest movie this year, Black Panther.

The one brand that never disappoints when it comes to delivering impressive advertisements is Chicken Licken.

The chicken company launched its Wakanda-inspired advert and instantly became a hit with South African audiences.

The advert promotes a new burger called Big John and has been trending since the advert hit the screens. Everyone congratulates the company for its great creativity.

The short film features Kwenzo Pholoba, who plays Qhawe in the popular hit TV drama The Wife. Kwenzo has become the country’s favourite on-screen boyfriend.

Mzansi has received the campaign with open arms.

In the video, the Queen Mother, played by legendary actress Abena Ayivor sends her soldiers, consisting of Kwenzo Pholoba as the leader, to go and find Big John.
A spaceship resembling Wakanda’s is dislodged and sets off on the mission.

During the quest, they run into a Chicken Licken store and ask for Big John. The cashier shows them the cook at the back, and the soldiers grab him thinking his name is Big John.

The cook takes the box consisting of the burger with him to the palace.

The Queen’s mother sees the burger and eats it while the soldiers look on in confusion.

The (Yathunga Forever) is a clever way to pay homage to Wakanda Forever.

The creativity of this advert has made people want more from the producers, saying it is high-class quality and asking them to consider making a movie.

After Chadwick’s disastrous death, Black Panther fans have been looking for some form of relief from the anguish they have been feeling, and this could be it.

The strategy has caused many to run into the Chicken Licken store to buy the burger, and those who haven’t yet are planning to go.

Fans also noticed that the ad dropped at exactly 11:11 on the 11th of November, making it 11:11 0n11/11.

The public is also impressed to see Abena Ayivor on our screen again after missing in action for years. Abena used to be the screen queen in the 90s.

Watch the full trailer of Yathunga Forever below:

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