Cassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi-Image Source@InstagramCassper Nyovest and Thobeka Majozi-Image Source@Instagram

Watch: Cassper Nyovest Reveals He Is Still Dating His Baby Mama

South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest recently took to Instagram to share a video clip on Freshmenmag’s page, where he revealed the woman he is currently dating.

The Lucky Lady in His Life

With a confident smile, Cassper Nyovest put all rumours and speculations to rest as he proudly disclosed that the only woman he’s dating is none other than his baby mama, Thobeka Majozi. Despite being a successful and handsome rapper, Cassper mentioned that several women have claimed to be dating him, perhaps drawn by his undeniable charm and success.

Love Prevails Despite Challenges

Cassper humorously remarked that it used to be men claiming women in the past, but now the tables have turned. Successful black men like him are staking their claim on the ladies, and he playfully stated that they are ‘under attack’ due to overwhelming attention from admirers. However, amidst all the attention, Cassper’s heart remains devoted to Thobeka Majozi.

A Tribute to Thobeka Majozi

In a touching dedication post, Cassper Nyovest praised Thobeka Majozi for giving him the most precious gift of all – their son, Khotso. He recalled joking about their son growing up to be just like him, but now that it’s actually happening, he finds it a bit intimidating. Cassper credited Thobeka for doing an exceptional job as a mother and expressed eternal love and gratitude towards her.

Thobeka Majozi, Khotso and Cassper Nyovest-Image Source@Instagram
Thobeka Majozi, Khotso and Cassper Nyovest-Image Source@Instagram

A Devoted Father and Partner

Currently, Cassper Nyovest remains committed to his role as a loving father and supportive partner. The couple is building their beautiful family together, and fans are thrilled to see their love story unfold. With Cassper’s genuine devotion and affection towards Thobeka Majozi, the couple’s future looks promising.

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