Mzansi Suspects Insurance Scam After 40 Angry Men Storm Million Dollar Car Shop Destroying Cars 

40 Angry Men Storm Million Dollar Car Shop Destroying Luxury Cars
40 Angry Men Storm Million Dollar Car Shop Destroying Luxury Cars

Million dollar cars were recently destroyed in Cape Town’s Toy Shop and the whole blood clotting incident was caught on camera.

A gang of angry men armed to teeth with steel bars, shovels and guns stormed one of Capetown’s expensive car shop not long before they pounded on the cars, trashing most available and taking nothing on the way out.

It is alleged that two men jumped out of two Quantum taxis parked outside the shop and demanded to be freely given two of the luxury cars from the shop employees.

But when their request was denied, 40 of their colleagues jumped out of the taxis and went on a rampage, destroying all the cars in shop.

“2 taxis pulled up at The Toy Shop (luxury car shop) A few guys got out and demanded they give them 2 cars. Needless to say they told them to f** off. 40 guys got out and fucked up every car in the showroom. Also beat up some of the staff. Crazy f**ng times in Cape Town,” alleged one of Twitter users in unconfirmed reports.

Watch Video Below;

But many South Africans weren’t convinced about the whole incident.

One user quickly ruled the incident as an insurance scam.

It is not so uncommon for companies to engage in staged accidents so to claim insurance cover.

This, while some people do believe South Africa – and Cape Town in particular has become a wild-wild-west place such that it is not surprising at all that such could happen in broad day light.

Cape Town is one of South Africa’s crime infested cities after Johannesburg.

Two years ago, the South African government deployed its security forces to mane cities in fight against growing gang groups.

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