Andile Mpisane ArrestAndile Mpisane warrant of arrest issued (Image Credit: Instagram via@andilempisane10)

Warrant Of Arrest For Royal AM’s Andile Mpisane

Royal AM chairman, Andile Mpisane, is in hot water following reports that a warrant of arrest has been issued against him.

Andile Mpisane was served with a warrant of arrest after it emerged that he threatened his ex-girlfriend Sithelo Shozi.

Andile Mpisane Arrest
Andile Mpisane warrant of arrest issued (Image Credit: Instagram via@andilempisane10)

The Daily Sun said that Andile Mpisane went to Cape Town after Sithelo Shozi, who was there for a show. When Sithelo saw Andile at The Milk club, the guards had to escort her out of the club.

After this incident, Sithelo’s lawyer said that a warrant of arrest for Andile was issued on March 3. The lawyer also noted that Sithelo had been getting calls from a private number.

We are considering legal avenues to enforce the same as our client has been receiving calls from private numbers, amongst other things that can be construed as a violation of the standing interim order.

“The authorities will investigate as to who has been making these calls and deal with it accordingly. We will allow them to play their role in protecting our client at all costs, including arresting the defendant if they are satisfied that he violated the order of the court,” he said.

Last year, Dj Sithelo had to get a court order to protect herself from Andile after it was alleged that he threatened to kill her.

When Andile violated the protection order for the first time, the court advised Sithole to report again if the former violated the protection order once more.

“She was advised to wait till the perpetrator violates the order again, we are worried about her safety but we have faith in the law that they will do what they are mandated to do and protect the vulnerable victims of never-ending GBV-related abuse,” he said.

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