Vusi Nova-Image Source@InstagramVusi Nova-Image Source@Instagram

South African singer Vusi Nova, whose real name is Vusimuzi Nongxa, recently sent shockwaves through his fanbase when he candidly discussed his health condition after being hospitalized.

Vusi Nova Hospitalized

Taking to his Instagram account, Vusi Nova shared his battle with a chronic health condition that landed him in the hospital. Known for hits like “Ndikuthandile,” he revealed that he was hospitalized due to fatigue. While at the hospital, he received a diagnosis of high blood pressure.

“Yesterday I was hospitalized very early in the morning – around five [due to] fatigue. My heart was acting up, and then I found out that I have high blood pressure. Now I have to take blood pressure medication – imagine… I thought it was the end of me,”

He encouraged everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of exercise, a proper diet, and regular check-ups.

“Make sure you exercise; your diet is proper [and] you go for check-ups,” he advised.

Vusi Nova’s Candid Revelation

Vusi Nova-Image Source@Instagram
Vusi Nova-Image Source@Instagram

In a candid and emotional Instagram video, Vusi Nova unveiled the startling reality of his health condition. Despite being in his late 30s, the singer confessed to struggling with the notion of aging gracefully. His hospital admission uncovered a diagnosis that he had never anticipated – high blood pressure.

In the video, Vusi Nova expressed his feelings of denial, saying, “Proof of life. I sometimes forget that I’m not getting any younger. I feel 21!”

Fans’ Support and Reactions

Vusi Nova’s vulnerability resonated with fans as he recounted his initial shock upon learning about his high blood pressure.

Here are some of the reactions from fans:

  • @lempongo: “Been on High blood pressure medication for over a year now….at first I was in denial…but I have accepted my reality now…”
  • @gracrn: “Get well soon, but take some time off to rest. Are you getting enough sleep? How high was your BP for them to prescribe BP meds?”
  • @nolwazigube: “Glad to see you back 👏👏uqhubeke nokuzinakekela”

We wish Vusi Nova a speedy recovery and hope his story serves as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing our health.

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