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Vth Receives Backlash From AKA’s Fans After Promoting Cassper Nyovest

The company that distributed AKA’s music, Vth Season, has upset AKA’s fans by promoting his rival Cassper Nyovest on their Instagram account just a month after AKA’s death.

The Megacy, as AKA’s fans are known, feel betrayed by Vth Season for promoting Cassper Nyovest. Vth Season posted a video of Cassper Nyovest promoting his upcoming show in Kampala, Uganda, next month. In the video, Cassper said:

“Kampala wassup! It’s your boy Cassper Nyovest. Make sure you come check me out on stage on the 30th of April at the Blankets and Wine Festival. It’s gonna be at the Logogo Cricket Oval and tickets are out right now. Make sure you come and check me out because I’m gonna bring the heat and temperature”

AKA’s Fans Demand Answers From Vth for promoting Cassper Nyovest

AKA’s fans accused Vth Season of moving on too quickly after AKA’s death. They compared the company to Suge Knight, a notorious American record label executive. The comments on the post included the ones below:


Our idol get brutally killed and already y’all have moved on? Literally, after one month and y’all already moved on like nothing happen to KJF? The fans and family seems to be the only ones seeking for justice, I guess it’s time we as the MEGACY unfollow this page and everything you are pushing.


I get yal are a business but so soon after MEGA’s departure? 😂.

Vth offers an explanation for Cassper’s Video.

AKA and Cassper Nyovest-Image Source(Twitter)
AKA and Cassper Nyovest-Image Source(Twitter)

Raphael Benza, the owner of Vth Season, said that while Cassper Nyovest is talented, they had not signed him and urged AKA’s fans not to be distracted.

“We have not signed Cassper Nyovest in any shape or form. Cassper is a talented artist and has an extremely capable Team. Don’t get distracted …” Benzo said on his Instagram.

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