Murdah Bongz, Kairo and Asante-Image Source@InstagramMurdah Bongz, Kairo and Asante-Image Source@Instagram

Video Of Murdah Bongz Babysitting Divides Mzansi

DJ Zinhle recently posted a video of Murdah Bongz babysitting on her Instagram stories, causing a division among social media users. The couple’s every move seems to captivate fans’ attention, and this time was no different.

Emotional Moments and Speculations

A few days ago, Murdah Bongz displayed his emotional side on stage, leaving fans to speculate that he might be going through a tough time at home. While some attributed it to the emotional nature of music, the situation intensified when DJ Zinhle expressed missing AKA, her ex-partner, through her Instagram stories.

This led to fans criticizing DJ Zinhle, accusing her of disrespecting her current partner, Murdah Bongz. The situation worsened with the release of the babysitting video, which sparked further controversy.

Online Reactions

Within a few hours of DJ Zinhle sharing the video, it quickly spread across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Many fans sympathized with Murdah Bongz, feeling that he needed support during this challenging time.

Some individuals echoed these sentiments, expressing views that were difficult for others to accept. On the other hand, some fans focused on the positive aspects of Murdah Bongz’s babysitting video. They recognized that he was bonding with his children, which was commendable.

In fact, many praised Murdah Bongz for showcasing excellent fatherhood skills that are often rare to find. The debate surrounding this incident continues to unfold, and it shows no signs of dissipating anytime soon.

Divided Opinions

The controversy began when AKA passed away and DJ Zinhle’s mourning process attracted attention. The Forbes family reportedly prevented Murdah Bongz from attending the funeral, and fans are growing increasingly uncomfortable with DJ Zinhle’s continued grieving.

Murdah Bongz
Murdah Bongz-Image Source@Twitter

Below are a few comments from Twitter that exemplify the division among fans:

  • “Absent fathers call it babysitting when a dad is simply spending time with his kids. It’s not babysitting; it’s just a father being with his kids. 🙄”
  • “Cameras will be the end of us, someday.”
  • “This is called being a father. Some of you are so detached from the concept that you start calling it names.”
  • “I’m pretty sure when the baby cries, he cries too.”
  • “While DJ is trying to find out when visiting hours are in heaven.”

The opinions on social media regarding this incident remain polarized. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold in the coming days.

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