Paul Mashatile and Humile Mjongile-Image Source(Instagram)Paul Mashatile and Humile Mjongile-Image Source(Instagram)

Vice President Paul Mashatile’s Ex-Girlfriend Alleges Payment of R210k for Silence Over Assault

Gugu Nkosi, the former girlfriend of Deputy President Paul Mashatile, has accused his spokesperson, Keith Khoza, of assaulting her last year. As per Sunday World, Nkosi has filed a gender-based violence case against Khoza at the Sandton police station. Nkosi has alleged that Khoza attacked her and drove her car on 26 November at Mashatile’s home. She also claimed that the deputy president then paid her R210 000 to keep the incident private and supplied her with a new phone and car.

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Statement to the Police About the Incident at Mashatile’s House

Nkosi further stated that Khoza damaged her car and its keys before assaulting her. According to the media outlet, Nkosi’s statement to the police was somewhat different from what she had revealed to them. She told the police that the incident occurred at Mashatile’s home. However, she disclosed to the media outlet that she had been in a relationship with Mashatile since 2014 when he was still married to his late wife, Manzi Ellen Mashatile, who died in June 2020.

Paul Mashatile and Humile Mjongile-Image Source(Instagram)
Paul Mashatile and Humile Mjongile-Image Source(Instagram)

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Paul Mashatile’s ex-girlfriend Version

On the day of the incident, Nkosi went to Mashatile’s home unannounced and was denied entry by security. She, however, encountered Humile Mjongile, Mashatile’s current wife, and requested to be let in. This is when, according to Nkosi, Khoza assaulted her and damaged her Porsche Cayenne. Nkosi also claimed that she called a journalist, a minister, and the police to intervene but Khoza was not arrested. Mashatile provided her with a courtesy car and took hers for repairs but did not pay the R150 000 that the dealership required.

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Khoza Responds

In response to Nkosi’s allegations, Khoza denied all accusations and claimed to be innocent. He stated that there were cameras at the residence and 20 witnesses. Khoza also denied Nkosi’s claims that Humile or Mashatile were present during the assault. Khoza alleged that Nkosi was being used to defame Mashatile’s character and ruin his reputation.

Mashatile’s ex-girlfriends in Cahoots

Earlier this month, Norma Mbatha, Mashatile’s other ex-lover, was served with an interim protection order to stop her from harassing and stalking him and Khoza. The order prohibits Mbatha from inciting violence through messages and from publishing anything about the politicians on social media. She was also instructed to delete any defamatory tweets. According to The Sunday Times, in a 53-minute audio recording, Mbatha and Nkosi discussed how they could ensure that Mashatile does not become president because he betrayed them.

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