Jub Jub sues Moja Love [Image: Moja Love]

Uyajola 9/9 Resumes: Jub Jub And Moja Love Yet To Confront Lawsuit Drama

It seems that TV personality Jub Jub and his employer, Moja Love, have chosen to begin production for the immensely popular infidelity show, Uyajola 9/9.

However, the lingering lawsuit matter remains unresolved.

As reported by Sunday World, Jub Jub’s lawyer, Ntsako Baloyi, stated that his client is currently involved in the shooting process as he values his relationship with the channel.

Baloyi also mentioned that the rapper and the DStv channel have not yet had a meeting to address the prominent issue at hand, which is the R100 million lawsuit.

“We will speak to them and see how far it goes … We care about relationships and let’s hope they also care about relationships, and then we can take it from there,” said Baloyi.

Additionally, Jub Jub’s lawyer mentioned that, at present, they have decided to prioritize “protecting Moja Love’s integrity” and will refrain from making any comments until they have had a meeting with the channel.

In February, reports surfaced regarding Jub Jub, taking legal measures against Moja Love for non-payment of his salary and the termination of his contract.

It was also reported that Jub Jub was dismissed from his role as the host of Uyajola 9/9 through a formal letter.

“They didn’t want to fire him at first. They gave him the option of apologising to the woman who was organising the Moruleng event with him when they withheld his salary last month,” said the source.

The person involved in the dispute is Jub Jub’s business partner, Keabetswe Mokoena.

In December of last year, their relationship soured when Mokoena accused the musician of engaging in verbal abuse, harassment, causing emotional distress, and inflicting “significant damage to her professional reputation and business.”

Following these accusations, which Jub Jub denied, Moja Love allegedly withheld his salary for January, leading to a legal conflict between the parties involved.


This week, in response to the news of the Ndikhokhele hitmaker’s involvement in filming with the production team, Bokani Moyo, the Head of Moja TV Channels, emphasized that the TV host had not been fired.

Moyo stated that Jub Jub had returned to the show “as soon as filming started.”

“Remember, productions go on a break and once they return, the talent is contracted again, depending on a number of factors determined by the channel’s management.

“Jub Jub never left. Uyajola was on a break and now that we have started filming, he is working again,” Moyo said.


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