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Renowned US rapper T.I has dropped a fresh amapiano track titled “Vacay,” featuring South Africa’s very own amapiano sensation, Kamo Mphela.

In an exciting social media update, the American hip-hop artist shared a sneak peek of the music video for his inaugural amapiano release, along with the caption:

“‘Vacay’ out now, you diggg!! Featuring the super talented and amazing Kamo Mphela.”

Furthermore, in the same post, TI revealed that his forthcoming album, titled “Kill The King,” will mark his final musical endeavour.

Kamo Mphela’s Remarkable Rise in the Music Industry

Kamo Mphela has been making significant waves in the music industry, garnering substantial recognition and acclaim. Her music video for “Nkulunkulu” has exceeded 10 million views since its launch.

Kamo Mpela
Kamo Mpela-Image Source@x

Expressing her gratitude for the overwhelming support she has received since her debut, Kamo stated:

“Nkulunkulu on 10 million views, thank you to everyone who believes in the brand. 2022 May God Bless The Hustle.”

While Kamo continues to bask in the love and admiration of her fans, she has also had to confront unfounded rumours and cyberbullying, particularly surrounding speculations about her pregnancy.

Setting the record straight, Kamo Mphela emphatically clarified the situation during an Instagram Live session:

“Guys, I’m not pregnant, yoh! How many times? I just gained weight, OK? It’s those dollars, the dollars are making me look pregnant. Everybody is like ‘Is Kamo pregnant?’ I’m not motherf*%#en pregnant. You guys frustrate me all the time. I’ve been hearing your stories and sh*t. I just became thick.”

With the release of “Vacay,” TI has ventured into the world of amapiano music, collaborating with the immensely talented Kamo Mphela. The success of Kamo’s music video “Nkulunkulu” and her resilience in the face of unfounded rumours illustrate her rising prominence in the music scene.

Stay tuned for TI’s upcoming album, “Kill The King,” which is set to be his final musical project, promising a noteworthy culmination to his illustrious career.

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