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Viral internet sensation Skomota is currently the talk of social media, thanks to the recent revelation of his alleged booking fee.

Ever since Skomota skyrocketed to fame, his schedule has been packed, especially during the festive season. The burning question on many minds has been the amount he charges for his appearances and the substantial earnings he rakes in.

Skomota’s Booking Fee Shrouded in Secrecy

Since achieving stardom, Skomota has skillfully kept his booking fees under wraps, leaving fans and followers speculating about the figures.

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Skomota booking fee trends
Skomota booking fee-Image Source@X

Recently, a leak surfaced on social media, allegedly revealing details of a conversation between Skomota’s management and an unidentified event promoter. DJ Jawz, a social media user, shared a screenshot of the conversation on his now X (formerly Twitter) account, captioning the post with excitement:

😃 Skomota doesn’t play around!!!🔥🔥🔥

If the leaked screenshot, now viral, is accurate, it suggests that Skomota commands an impressive R90k as his booking fee.

Social Media Erupts with Varied Reactions

The revelation of Skomota’s alleged booking fee has triggered a storm of reactions on social media. Many netizens expressed shock at the hefty R90k figure.

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Conversely, a portion of social media users voiced concerns about the possibility of Skomota being exploited by his management. Speculations arose that despite charging a significant booking fee, he might be receiving a meager payout. Questions were raised about how much he takes home from the R90k.

Selected Social Media Reactions:

  • @BonganiMK: “90k just to dance?”
  • @fency007: “Is he getting the money mara? Where does Skomota stay at first 💔”
  • @Guptas: “Then from that 90k ke gets Tao Tao because it will be at night”
  • @PoppyM2022: “He must milk this opportunity while he still can 🤣🤣🤣”
  • @bernie_taiwe: “But what is Skomota’s take home from all this.”



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