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Unfulfilled Lunch Date Plans Between Ntando Duma and Costa Titch Raise Questions About Their Relationship

Hip-hop artist Costa Titch and former actress-turned-television presenter Ntando Duma’s relationship has been questioned after the latter took to her Instagram page and wrote a heartfelt tribute to the late rapper.

The duo made a joint appearance on the SABC 1 dance reality contest called “Dance Yo Dumo.”

Costa Titch, who rose from being a dancer to a rapper, served as a mentor and judge on the dance program. Meanwhile, Ntando Duma, a previous star of “The Queen,” served as a host.

Taking to her Instagram account, Ntando Duma wrote a heartfelt tribute to Costa Titch.

While Ntando Duma hasn’t disclosed the specifics of their relationship, she did reveal that she spoke with Costa Titch a few hours before his death.

In her message, Ntando Duma conveyed her sincere sympathies and disclosed that she and Costa Titch had arranged to have lunch together. However, she postponed the meeting.

This one hits harder cause I was just talking to you a few hours ago..💔

You were one of a few selfless and caring humans I’ve ever known in my life. You were so kind, so good at your craft, so damn hardworking and yet so humble. Your humility got me everytime.

I’m deeply shattered by your passing, Costa.💔 My heart is broken in a way you can ever imagine but I carry you in my heart for life.
I’m so glad that not only I’d tell you but I’d wholeheartedly make sure that I show you how much I loved and appreciated you when you were still with us. I’d never miss a chance to tell you how proud I am of you and how much you inspired me.

I wish we never delayed our lunch date. I wish we spent more time but thank you for being a part of my life and thank you for allowing me into
YOUR life.

Sending love and prayers to everyone during these dark times. 🙏🏾

On Wednesday, Ntando Duma posted another message in which she shared footage of herself cheering on Costa Titch during their time on Dance Yo Dumo.

She expressed that the Nkalakatha artist will always hold a special place in her heart.

“Forever engraved in this broken heart of mine💔
Thank you for everything that you were to me, to the game and to the world.🫶🏾

I love you forever, Titch♾️💚🕊️,” Ntando Duma wrote

Uyiphulile inhliziyo yam, Costa💔

I’m definitely going to miss you.

Fly high bro🕊️ I love you 💚♾️

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