Uncle Waffles-Image Source@InstagramUncle Waffles-Image Source@Instagram

Uncle Waffles Announces Release Of Another Project ‘Asylum of Solace’

In a heartfelt Instagram post, Amapiano DJ Uncle Waffles has revealed exciting news about her upcoming project titled “Asylum of Solace.” In a video diary on her Instagram account, she shared the profound intentions and meanings woven into her two-part project.

Uncle Waffles expressed her belief in attaching significance to every aspect of her music, as she considers it a deeply spiritual experience. According to her, defining the creative process is crucial for listeners to grasp the essence of her art.

“Asylum of Solace” represents a personal journey for the Amapiano DJ that spans almost two years, marked by significant transformations in her life. The first half, titled “Asylum,” delves into the hardships she faced, particularly during her meteoric rise in 2021. Uncle Waffles openly admitted to struggling amidst the chaos, feeling like she was losing herself and drowning in the demands of her newfound success.


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The cover art of “Asylum” was carefully chosen to mirror her feelings of being trapped in her mind, much like being stuck in an asylum. It poignantly captures the emotional turmoil she experienced during that phase of her life.

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Exactly one week from the release of “Asylum,” Uncle Waffles will unveil the second part of her project, aptly named “Solace.” This part is dedicated to celebrating the grace and blessings that unfolded during her journey in the Amapiano scene.

In her own words, “Solace is supposed to represent the grace within this journey. The reality of this journey is that I am highly favored.” The DJ further explains that “Solace” reflects the peace, happiness, and unexplainable feeling of gratitude she experienced as her journey continued to unfold with unexpected blessings.

Uncle Waffles intentionally structured her project into two parts, emphasizing the positive aspects of her journey. “Solace” takes center stage as Part B, focusing on the goodness that enveloped her career, highlighting the joyous moments that made the ride worthwhile.

Uncle Waffles album cover-Image Source@Instagram
Uncle Waffles album cover-Image Source@Instagram


Aside from her new project, Uncle Waffles also made waves with the announcement of her first headline show. Fans eagerly anticipate witnessing her live performance and experiencing the magic of her music on stage.

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