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Unathi Nkayi’s Alleged Kaya FM Salary Gets Mzansi Talking 

Media personality Unathi Nkayi’s alleged salary at Kaya FM recently became a trending topic after a Twitter user who claimed to know the exact amount shared it on social media.

Taking to Twitter @AdvoBarryRoux wrote:

“Unathi Nkayi’s monthly salary from Kaya FM was R81 250.”

Following the tweet, other social media users began to speculate on Unathi Nkayi’s net income after factoring in tax deductions.

Some people suggested that if the allegations were true, Unathi Nkayi’s salary after deductions would be approximately R45 000 to R55 000.

In addition, some internet users noted that even if the deductions were taken into account, Nkayi’s salary would still be substantial, particularly given the current state of the country’s economy, if the amount disclosed by the Twitter user was accurate.

Below are some of the comments on social media.


“She lied & got what she deserved,”


“But she had other work didn’t she?”


“How much are these radio stations really making?” 


“That’s a lot of cash, security companies can use that R80k to pay up to 20 people,”


“That’s a huge amount in this economy,


Babygirl was taking home R57 109, that’s nothing for someone whose been active in the industry for more than 20 years.


After deductions? even so 81k for what, this thing really does make sense to me, what makes a radio host twice as more valuable than a nurse, a Doc or even the miners.

According to Sunday World, Unathi Nkayi and fellow radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo were involved in a dispute.

It was also reported that Nkayi has since lodged a legal case against Kaya FM, claiming that her dismissal was unlawful.

It is alleged that she is pursuing compensation for unpaid wages, damages, defamation of character, and loss of dignity.

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