Unathi Nkayi suing Kaya 959-Image Source(Instagram)Unathi Nkayi suing Kaya 959-Image Source(Instagram)

Unathi Nkayi Takes Kaya 959 To The High Court

Former Kaya 959 host Unathi Nkayi recently provided her fans with an update on the ongoing case against Kaya FM, the radio station that terminated her contract in November 2021. The decision to let her go was made by the station’s former manager, Sibongile Mtyali, following a disagreement with Sizwe Dhlomo, the host of the drive show.

In a statement released by Kaya FM, it was announced that Unathi’s contract had been terminated immediately due to certain conduct that had made the relationship between the two parties intolerable. The radio station acknowledged that there had been incidents that led to a breakdown of trust, and after following due process, they decided to part ways with Unathi Nkayi.

Legal Claims and Update

Unathi Nkayi allegedly suffered contractual losses amounting to R1,300,000 as a result of her dismissal, as stated in court documents. Consequently, she has requested R1,600,000 from the radio station. Taking to Instagram, Unathi provided her followers with an update on the case. She revealed that the matter had been taken to the high court, and with her mother’s approval, she intends to present her side of the story.

Upcoming Documentary

Unathi also announced that her production company is working on a documentary where she will share her perspective on the events leading up to her dismissal. While she suspects that Kaya FM might try to prolong the court proceedings, Unathi expressed her determination to fight for justice, asserting that she is financially and emotionally prepared for the battle.

Unwavering Determination

Despite the financial setbacks she has faced since her termination, Unathi remains resolute. She emphasized that she has the support of influential and affluent individuals who are backing her in this legal fight. Unathi is confident that finances will not be an issue, stating, “The worst has happened to me already… I’m ready for war.”

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