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Ukhozi FM’s beloved DJ Amen, also known as Irvin Sihlophe, is making a triumphant comeback after a life-threatening health crisis. The KZN-based station’s presenter faced a severe stroke that led to his hospitalization, keeping his dedicated sports shows on hold for a while.

Ukhozi FM’s DJ Amen Admitted To Hospital After Suffering Stroke

Irvin “DJ Amen” Sihlophe, the popular host of Ukhozi FM, is now on the path to recovery following a recent stroke that left his friends and fans deeply concerned. The incident led to his urgent admission to an undisclosed hospital last week Friday.

Keeping the Health Crisis Under Wraps: A Secret Battle and a Steady Progress

Despite numerous attempts to reach DJ Amen during this trying time, he remained unavailable for comment. A close friend, however, provided reassuring updates about his recovery. Initially, his condition was critical, prompting his concerned circle to keep his health battle confidential to respect his privacy. According to the friend, DJ Amen’s doctors advised him to switch off his phone to aid in a speedy recovery.

“When he was admitted to the hospital, his condition was critical. But now he is recovering, and physiotherapists are diligently working on rehabilitating his affected hand and leg. He can now communicate, though his doctors recommended turning off his phone and taking ample rest for a swifter recovery. We did our best to maintain secrecy around this,” the friend shared.

DJ Amen’s Health Update After Suffering Stroke

Another close friend, Mjostana “Pastor Mjosty” Mbhele, offered an additional update to ease the concerns of DJ Amen’s well-wishers. “Although his condition was extremely critical when he was first admitted to the hospital, he is showing signs of recovery compared to his initial state. Fortunately, his ability to speak was not affected,” he noted.

Mjosty also mentioned that medical professionals are actively managing his high blood pressure and diabetes while physiotherapists concentrate on his arm and leg recovery. It’s possible that DJ Amen might stay in the hospital for a few more weeks as doctors monitor his progress.

“Perhaps the medical team will recommend an extended hospital stay of up to two weeks to allow physiotherapists to focus on his affected arm and leg while keeping a close eye on his blood pressure and diabetes. It’s a surprising turn of events, especially considering the shock of L’vovo’s stroke from last year, and now Irvin’s health ordeal,” Mjosty added.

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