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In a captivating turn of events, Tyla, the 22-year-old sensation from Johannesburg, has secured the esteemed Best African Music Performance award at the 2024 Grammy Awards for her hit single “Water.” While the industry is still buzzing with the news, Tyla shares insights into her extraordinary journey, shedding light on the diverse facets that have shaped her into the artist she is today.

Melodic Beginnings in Joburg: Tyla’s Journey to the Grammy Stage

Tyla’s passion for the entertainment industry knows no bounds.

“I was trying everything that has to do with the entertainment industry. I love acting, modelling, singing, and dancing,” she revealed in an interview with TshisaLIVE.

Her journey traces back to singing with her siblings and sharing covers on Instagram, catching the attention of her eventual manager, Garth Von Glehn.

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Balancing Acts: Navigating Academics and Stardom on the Rise

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What sets Tyla apart is not just her musical prowess but her tenacity to pursue her dreams amidst academic commitments. Balancing being an extra in music videos with her studies, she emphasizes the importance of education.

“If you have other things you want to do, you are able to balance it. I’ve done it, a lot of people have done it,” she said.

Tyla’s breakthrough moment came with her debut song “Getting Late,” earning her recognition in the competitive music scene. Signing with the prestigious US label Epic Records in 2021 marked a turning point in her career, setting the stage for her remarkable journey.
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European Tour with Chris Brown: A Global Showcase of Talent

The pinnacle of her success materialized in joining Chris Brown on his European tour, an experience that further solidified her presence on the global stage. Tyla’s song “Water” not only gained immense popularity but also drew attention from renowned artists like Travis Scott and Marshmello, who collaborated on remixing the sensational track.

As Tyla basks in the glow of her achievements, she looks toward the future with anticipation.

“Everything happening is crazy, and I’m proud of South Africa and our music,” she expressed.

Versatility Unleashed: Tyla’s Upcoming Album and Musical Exploration

With an upcoming album on the horizon, Tyla is eager to showcase her versatility beyond the amapiano-infused pop that propelled her to stardom.

“People don’t know it’s South African, it’s amapiano, it’s log drum. I feel the sound is going to take the world by storm,” she added.

In her closing remarks, Tyla expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response to her music and the opportunity to be an inspiration to other African artists.

“I’m proud and happy that I can be an example for other African girls and guys. South Africa, it’s our time to shine,” she declared, marking a chapter of success, growth, and a promising future for this rising star.



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