Tyla and RemaTyla and Rema-Image Source@zoomsouthafrica

Renowned South African artist Tyla recently addressed the swirling rumours connecting her romantically to Nigerian singer Rema. The sparks flew when Tyla attended Rema’s show last August, and the paparazzi caught a moment of them holding hands during a casual stroll.

Despite the public display of affection, Tyla is setting the record straight. In a recent interview, she clarified that there is no romantic involvement with the “Calm Down” hitmaker. Tyla shared her perspective on the incident, stating, “That was literally my first paparazzi experience. I’m getting it from everybody. We are just friends. I went to his show, and he just happened to hold my hand, and obviously, people will interpret it the way they do.”

Tyla’s Stance on the Dating Rumors

During another interview two weeks ago, the singer reiterated that she is not dating Rema. She went on to mention that while she has no celebrity crush, if she were to attend a prom, her ideal date would be Rema.

Social Media Buzz

Tyla and Rema
Tyla and Rema-Image Source @zoomsouthafrica

Unsurprisingly, Tyla’s denial of a romantic involvement with Rema stirred up mixed sentiments on social media. Users expressed varying opinions, with some playfully teasing Rema and others speculating about Tyla’s relationship status.

Capo: 😂😂rema let Tyla slide? Damn!

Katleho: Let me secure the bag. Tyla won’t marry herself.

Draiddy: Rema really needs to calm down holding my girl’s hand like that🤦

Rockio: She’s still single, brother👀

Thriving in the Limelight

Both Rema and Tyla are currently enjoying global success, solidifying their positions as two of the biggest African artists in the industry. Tyla, riding high from her Grammy award nomination for the viral hit “Water,” and Rema, a recent winner at the MTV European Music Awards, continue to make waves on the international stage.

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