Twitter Troll Quinteria’s ‘ High-End Fashion’ Accent

Who would have known that an accent is a big part of fashion designer culture in South Africa? Mzansi’s Twitter streets went in hard on high-end fashion designer Quinteria, simply known as Q for his English-French accent mimicry. The fashion designer from the Northern parts of the country is embroiled in a public spat on social media with satirist, author, and television presenter Lesego Tlhabi.

Lesego took to Twitter accusing Q, aka Quinteria Kekana of fat-shaming her and calling her fatty boom boom for all and sundry to hear in his store for a dress she was getting. Quinteria has since taken to Instagram to deny these accusations, saying that he is surrounded and works with fat women, that his mother is fat and fat is not a bad word to start with. As all of this unfolded on his Instagram live, tweeps started questioning and mocking Quinteria’s accent described by one tweep as a high-end fashion accent. 

@KeSeRomeo Is this Quiteria guy African or Caucasian?? His accent keeps changing from British to “African”, I can’t see the complexion clearly but the hair says Black African.

@Queen_Viv_ You guys don’t question that accent when Ps Benjamin Dube speaks now do you?? Tlogelang Quiteria please

Whilst some tweeps were a bit more direct questioning other celebrities with funny accents, others were a bit more inconspicuous but something tells me the tweet below could or could not be talking about David Tlale.

@LumkoJohnson Once interviewed a famous designer for TV. He wore these dark shades through out the conversation – you know, like Lagerfeld. His accent was so jarring, we could barely hear what he was saying. In a viewing the Commissioning Editor asked: “why akhuluma so kodwa ukhulele eVoslo?”


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