Tweeps Worry About Dr Tumi

Mzansi Tweeps were troubled after seeing a video of a person with the resemblance of gospel musician, Dr. Tumi after a video that went viral on Twitter. The person whom tweeps swear looks exactly like the singing medical doctor was getting mugged, captured on CCTV footage.

Word on the streets has it that, the mugging took place on Tuesday, 23 February.

In the video a man, which people claim to be the acclaimed gospel singer, walking and speaking on the phone. Two guys pass next to him randomly and suddenly one goes on to grab a phone that Tumi holding is speaking with and makes a run for it.

The robber then runs towards an escape car waiting for him on the side of the road and speeds off. Tweeps are alleging the mugging to have happened in Gauteng, some identifying it as Midrand.

Mzansi Twitter has been in a panic since the video went viral and is worried about their favorite gospel star who has been inundated with tags questioning him if he’s okay after getting mugged. Whereas some are sympathetic towards the gospel star and praying for his safety, some are just not having it, claiming that this was a PR stunt and looks staged. Others questioned his response, saying he was too slow.

WATCH: @AdvoBarryRouxDr Tumi being mugged at Tshili’s Midrand yesterday.


@Fhatuwa03 I didn’t know cellphone mugging/robbery was still happening. I thought everyone has a phone in this era and don’t buy stolen phones

@gangonya Why does it look like he expected this to happen and conveniently enough there’s a camera, he doesn’t even attempt to give chase as a man

@Dman_zn This is the most coolest calm and collected gentleman I’ve seen robbed in my life, mina bekuzonyiwaFace with look of triumph that car ibizo landelwa imbokodo fast on some Ms*nu!


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