Bonang and Nadia Nakai-Image Source@InstagramBonang and Nadia Nakai-Image Source@Instagram

Tweeps Think Nadia Nakai Dated AKA To Spite Bonang Matheba

During the first episode of ‘Young, Famous, and African,’ viewers witnessed an uncomfortable exchange between Nadia Nakai and Bonang Matheba. When Bonang was introduced at a dinner party hosted by Nigerian singer Diamond Platnumz, the two women failed to greet each other. Bonang expressed her discomfort in a confessional, stating, “I feel very awkward because the way people welcome me, I think that was very cold.”

Past Beef and Heartbreak

Bonang and Nadia Nakai-Image Source@Instagram
Bonang and Nadia Nakai-Image Source@Instagram

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Nadia Nakai later confessed to having a history of beef with Bonang. Although she did not provide specific details, the rapper mentioned feeling heartbroken as she believed Bonang was like a sister to her. Nadia acknowledged that falling out is a normal part of relationships and accepted that it happens.

Speculations and Twitter Reactions

On Twitter, some fans of ‘Young, Famous, and African’ speculated about the motivations behind Nadia Nakai’s relationship with AKA. Since Nadia claimed that her fallout with Bonang happened before her involvement with the rapper, some wondered if dating AKA was a form of payback toward Bonang. One Twitter user shared their thoughts, saying, “If Nadia says her fallout with Bonang happened before AKA, then is it fair to wonder if she didn’t date that gent to spite B?”

Bonang and AKA
Bonang Matheba and AKA-Image Source(Twitter)

The Complicated Relationship Triangle

Bonang’s romantic involvement with AKA began in 2015, while he was still in a relationship with DJ Zinhle, who was pregnant at the time. This led to Bonang being labeled a “homewrecker.” Despite the controversy, Bonang and AKA became a beloved couple in the industry. However, their relationship ended dramatically, with AKA accusing Bonang of using witchcraft on him. After the tragic death of AKA’s fiancée, Nelli Tembe, rumors of a relationship between AKA and Nadia Nakai surfaced. The couple made their relationship public on Instagram in March 2023 and remained together until AKA’s untimely death earlier this year.


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